Apitourism Kozjak

No idea how to spend a rainy summer day in our valley? Under the roof of our apiary it would be our pleasure to take you into the wonderful world of bees. Harmony with them offers us a lot more than merely honey. Breathing the air from the beehives has beneficent effects on how we feel and helps treat certain respiratory conditions. Why not enjoy a relaxing massage with honey? Bee products have no added sugar, preservatives or colorants. Since nothing has been added or taken in the production process, they are a part of immense natural treasure and its fruits.

The home apiary, which is specially adapted for the apitourism activities, offers apipreventive, apitherapeutic and apicurative activities. The apiary is designed in simbiotic way between humans and bees. Visitors can see the life of bees as close as possible and at the same time away from them enough to avoid stings. We are certified apitherapeuts at the Slovenian Beekeepers Association, so do not hesitate to ask any question you might have about apitherapy. If we know the answer it is our pleasure to advise you.

Guided tour of beekeeping

Because bees are essential for pollination of hundreds of thousands of plants species, beekeepers are aware of the importance of our activity. Even Albert Einstein said that mankind would not have survived for more than four years without bees. Not only tasting different types of honey, we will gladly introduce the Carnica bee and show you how can a beekeeper takes care of bees, as well as the bees can take care of humans. Beekeeping tour with honey tasting takes place in our home apiary and lasts about 50 minutes. For more info check our Offer and Contact pages.

Aerosol inhalation

Aerosol from a beehive is air, which contains essential oils, flavoniods, honey, pollen, propolis and other elements that benefit your health. Together with the microclimate in the apiary extremely beneficial effect on human physical and mental wellbeing. Intensive inhalation of the aerosol directly from the beehive and listening to the natural sound of bees is effective in the treatment of stress disorders, many respiratory diseases and milder forms of asthma. It calms and relaxes all who are in any way exposed to psycho-physical stress situations.

Honey massage

For this type of massage we use a domestic floral honey which only contains nutrients for a human organism. Purpose of this type of massage is not to release the muscles, but to detoxify the body. The organism absorbs nutrients throuhg the skin and returns toxins. Honey massage improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin, effectively cleans the body of toxins, strengthens the immune system and soothes.

Besides honey massages, we also offer classic massages, sport massages and facial massages. Since all the massages take place in the home apiary with the sounds of bees, the smell of aerosol from beehives and domestic cup of tea, this experience can be especially relaxing.

Night in an apiary

If you would like to spend the night in a peaceful environment, listening to the buzzing of bees and smelling the air coming from the beehive longer, we offer overnight stays in domestic apiary. Next to the large double bed in the room there are also two masks for intensive inhalation of aerosol directly from the beehive for those who want more than just passively breathing air in the apiary. You can safely came close to the bees and watch them through the glass floor, which offers views directly in front of entrances to the hives.


  • Living space: kitchen (only for beverages), electrical cooker, fridge, sofa, panoramic windows with mountain views.
  • Bedroom: double bed, system for intensive inhalation of aerosol direct from beehive for 2 people, observation of bees through the glass floor.
  • Bathroom: toilet, shower, hairdryer, towels.
  • Parking space.

Useful information

Arrivals: 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. or individually arranged.
Departures: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m..
Maximum one night stay, for more on advance arrangement.
Check in using a valid form of identification (passport, identity card, drivers licence).

Bee products

We offer several types of bee products and advise you how to use them to improve the psycho-physical state of your body. You can choose between limited domestic supplies of honey, fresh and dried pollen, propolis, wax,...